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Meet our Supporters

The Women Marines Association thanks our supporters whose passion is to support Veterans and Active Duty Marines and Military members around the globe.

Their support allows us to provide grants to Veterans in need as well as continue with or educational programs and scholarships.

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SgtMajor Grace Carle


SgtMajor Grace Carle with awards

“We are sisters and have a common bond. We may never have met but we have served and are proud of our service; that’s what it means to me.”
.. SgtMajor Grace Carle

SgtMajor Grace Carle was the last SgtMaj of Women Marines from 1974 to 1976. She left to WMA not only a strong legacy of leadership as a Marine and dedicated member of the Women Marines Association

SgtMajor Grace Carle in uniform;



Geico Military


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The GEICO Military Team proudly supports the Women Marines Association in its efforts to promote the welfare and well-being of elderly, disabled, and needy women Marine veterans, as well as women currently serving on active duty in the Marine Corps, to include Coronavirus (COVID-19) support efforts.
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Our Supporters
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