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Women Marines Association

Do you embody honor, courage, and commitment? Interested in Joining the Women Marines Association?

We have two ways you can currently register. You can follow the steps below or access the document to print and mail on the right-hand side.

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT a member of WMA National until you complete all steps and purchase either a term or life membership. When you pay for a membership you will get an email letting you know your transaction is complete.

4 Simple Steps to Complete Your Application! READ CAREFULLY

  1. You will need to register for an account with our website HERE. This just signs you into the system. You MUST select and pay for a membership.
  2. After you've registered you will need to select a membership that fits you:
    1. Term Membership
    2. Life Membership
  3. After you've paid for your membership you'll get an email titled "Order Complete" which will have a link below the product name titled "Register." Just click that link to access your application. You must complete this step then you can complete your application.
  4. At this point you just need to fill in and/or update your information for your membership and submit when you're done! Once you have successfully filled and paid for the chosen membership you will get a receipt. This verifies you are a WMA member.
  5. Welcome to the Women Marines Association!
For issues navigating the web pages or questions/issues with online registrations please contact